Peace and justice for all.


This post is different from my typical entries that focus predominately on the natural world. I felt compelled to share some thoughts in response to the racial turmoil occurring in our country!

I’ll use the acronym “Precious” to outline points for your consideration.

First, take a few moments to think about the beauty and differences that pervade the natural world…And so it is with the human family!


Positive change – You can be a source of joy and inspiration that you want to see in this world we all share. Start Today!

Reach out to someone hurting in your sphere of influence. Show respect and lift each other up.

Engage purposefully and empathize sincerely.

Connect on a personal level in a meaningful way. Listen and look for common ground.

Issues that are stumbling blocks should be talked through, with determination to resolve them in a tangible way.

Observe closely for ways to teach and demonstrate justice and kindness to each other.

Understand – strive to understand each other’s struggles with your mind and heart.

Special – Every individual is special, regardless of ethnicity or cultural background.

Finally, we are all brothers and sisters, who bleed the same blood, and are deserving of dignity. We are each uniquely designed by the Creator of all Nations.

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