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As I walked around my neighborhood recently, I observed the many versions of springtime yard and home beautification. These seemed to be expressions of joy, hope, and health. I created this story poem, in part, as a reflection on some of these scenes.

Time meanders through my garden

And sometimes stands still with me

No rushing about

Black-eyed susans look back at me

Delicate pansies emerge with curious colors

rose buds2.jpg

Elegant rose buds curl tightly

red geraniums.jpg

Fiery red geraniums capture the sun’s rays


Brilliant daffodils display their yellow bursts


Tall purple irises sway in the breeze



Fragrant gardenias and hyacinths make me want to linger longer

time - garden moments.jpg

Taking in Nature’s floral sensory explosion

All growing on their own Time


Thanks for sharing with me today. Take nature moments as often as you can!

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