Today, I will share with you some of my illustrator notes, as well as various illustrator sketches. In addition, the original and current Butterfly Picture Book covers will be presented. Finally, I’ll leave you with the Butterfly Poem, and my future plans for the book.

Butterfly Picture Book Detailed Illustrator Notes

All scenes take place in various sections of a well landscaped backyard where the children depicted are playing.

I envision the opening pages with the butterfly on a journey before it actually becomes a butterfly. It starts out as an egg on a leaf in the middle of the page and goes in concentric circles on its journey from egg, to caterpillar crawling and eating leaves, to a chrysalis hanging from a tree, as a circle unfolds, and it emerges as a beautiful butterfly that takes flight. These scenes can occur over a series of pages.

Spread 1

Silky wings-open wide,

fold tight

1. The back of a butterfly illustrated with its wings prominently highlighted.

2. African-American female is playing in a sandbox and notices the butterfly. Her bucket has a painted butterfly on it.

Spread 2

Lovely colors,

some soft,

1. Two or three butterflies with elaborate patterns/colors could be Illustrated.

2. Asian boy is preparing to slide down the slide, but notices the butterflies.

Spread 3

others bright.

Yellow, purple, bluest blue-

radiance in every hue.

1. Native American female is on the back porch sitting in a porch swing reading a picture book about butterflies, and notices the beautiful flying butterflies just like the ones she sees in her book.

Spread 4

Lightly flutter,

ride the wind.

1. Caucasian girl is sitting in a swing singing and she has a painted butterfly on her shirt. She notices a butterfly flying by on a gentle breeze.

Spread 5

Glide up,

float down,



1. Hispanic male is on the climber hanging upside down, and his eyes follow a butterfly as it gently floats down.

Spread 6

Rest on my head.

1. African-American female experiencing a butterfly landing on her head. She also has a butterfly Barrette in her hair.

Spread 7

Tickle my hand.

1. African-American male is laying on the grass and is delighted when a butterfly lands in his hand.

Spread 8

In my daisy garden,

gently land.

1. A garden scene with multicultural children and butterflies all around them. Seven distinctly different butterflies could be illustrated. This page would be referred to in the activities section as the “Butterfly Picture Find”, where the children are directed back to this page to find the seven butterflies indicated (e.g., blue morpho, swallow tail, monarch, painted lady, zebra longwing, summer azure, blue wave, paper kite, etc.)

The flowers to include in the garden: colorful gerbera daisies.

Spread 9


Spread 10


Spread 11

Flitter away…

Spread 12

Wait, don’t go,

come back and play!”

1. All of the children of various ethnicities could be pictured in another flowered area of the backyard watching the butterflies fly away.

(Some of the flowers I like include: pansies, tiger/day lilies, gerbera daisies, morning glories, clematis, black-eyed susans, purple coneflower, and sunflowers.)

Additional notes: Some birds (like a chickadee, goldfinch, cardinal, robin, bluebird, hummingbird, woodpecker, yellow warbler, and blue jay), some small animals (like rabbit, black squirrel and chipmunk) and bugs (like a dragonfly, bumble bee, and ladybug), could be interspersed throughout the book, engage in activities/watching butterflies for interest, but not prominently, since the book is about butterflies.

All of the children depicted in the book should be representative of various people groups, including African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American.

Some of the clouds in the sky could be shaped like butterflies floating.

A bird house decorated with painted butterflies hanging from a tree, a bench with butterflies painted on, and a butterfly wind chime could also be a part of the backyard landscape.

Please make everything realistic. No anthropomorphism or personification (i. e., giving animals human characteristics). No jewelry on any of the children.

Slideshow of Illustrator Sketches

The Original Butterfly Picture Book Cover Design


The Current Butterfly Picture Book Cover Design

Epson Scan Butterfly Book Front Cover.jpg

The Butterfly Poem

The Butterfly Poem.jpg

Future Plans for the Butterfly Picture Book

Going forward, I’m planning to release several associated products based on the Butterfly Book. These include a matching card game, coloring book, puzzles, song, and academic content standards. Come along with me on this journey of exploring all the potential of this children’s picture book.

Pick up your copy today for a child in your sphere and introduce him or her to these flying flowers. Have fun comparing the illustrator sketches above with the final artwork.

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