For some time, I’ve wanted to share with you how the Butterfly Picture Book came to be.

Rather than tell everything all at once, I felt that it would be better to present this story in smaller sections.

The original Butterfly poem was published in Birds and Blooms Extra.


Birds & Blooms Butterfly Poem Crop Photo (2).jpg

The Inspiration for How the Butterfly Picture Book came to  be:

I initially wrote “Butterfly” as a piece of poetic prose for adult readers. As indicated, it was first published in 2008 in the nature magazine, Birds and Blooms Extra

Since I enjoy quality children’s picture books and used them extensively in my work as a Speech-Language Pathologist with preschool children, I was inspired to adapt the poem for a younger audience.

I then came up with a vision for creating a children’s picture book based on the adapted poem…hence the Butterfly Picture Book was “born,” so to speak.

One observation I made as a speech-language pathologist using picture books with young children is that often while reading the left page, the children were already looking to the right. 

Typically, the text being read on the left was not the same as that on the right side page. This was challenging, especially when attempting to emphasize specific concepts or ideas from the text and illustration paired with it.

Therefore, I wanted the Butterfly book and future children’s picture books I created to have one central idea or focus per 2-page spread.

As you can see with the Butterfly Picture Book, my personal preference is for realistic artwork.

In Part 2, I’ll share some of my illustrator notes as well as some of the preliminary illustrator sketches, so stay tuned.

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