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As a Speech-Language Pathologist, with interests in early language and literacy connections, at Nature’s Pages I’m striving to accomplish the following:

1. To Provide Tips and Demonstrations for Educators and Parents of Preschoolers about unique ways to to support children’s learning,   language, and literacy using nature-related themes 

 2. To introduce young children to The Creator’s works through The Book of Nature

 3. To facilitate thinking, oral language, and early literacy skills in young children, as they observe, contemplate, talk about, and interact with nature

  4. To encourage family literacy through nature exploration and appreciation 

An unexpected Nature Discovery:

While on a walk with my daughter, we came upon an abandoned robin’s egg!

What a beautiful blue. 

Robin’s Egg

Robin’s Egg

Robin's Egg

Robin’s Egg

Robin's Egg - Natures Pages

Robin’s Egg – Natures Pages