Blue Morpho Underside Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Blue Morpho Underside Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Hello Butterfly Lovers,

For the last several weeks, I’ve given you an inside look about the making of my Butterfly children’s picture book and the featured butterflies included.

Finally, today I wanted to share with you some additional benefits.

A Picture Find Activity Page is included to help you and your child find the featured butterflies.

Also, a Note to Parents and Educators is provided, with suggestions on how to use the Butterfly Book to share nature’s flying flowers with the young children in your world.

Your children will love identifying each butterfly and picking out their favorite one in the Butterfly Picture Book.

Research supports the use of picture books to facilitate thinking skills, oral language development, and early literacy connections in preschool children.

The Butterfly Book is a Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book that Your Whole Family can Enjoy!

The Butterfly book in paperback form makes the butterflies come “alive” on each two-page spread.

Get your copy of the Butterfly picture book for your electronic device, and the paperback for your nature collection. Give them as lasting gifts for that special young child.

Nature is the Gift that Gives all Year Long!

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