Inspiration from the Sea - by Elvy Rolle

Inspiration from the Sea: A Collection of Bible Quotes About the Sea

Do you love the sea?

Are you inspired by its beauty?

Do you marvel at its vastness?

In Inspiration from the Sea: A Collection of Bible Quotes about the Sea, author Elvy P. Rolle presents a compilation of beautiful nature photography combined with selected Scriptural passages that focus on the sea.

“The Sea” helps you relive your ocean adventures, restore your faith in the Master Designer, and refresh your body, mind, and spirit.

Bring the sea “inside” with this first book in the Nature…Ever Fresh and Unfolding Series, as you replay in your mind, the time spent there. Remember the One who made it all possible in the beginning. Share your love of the sea with your family and friends, through the captivating ocean photography in this book.

Elvy P. Rolle enjoys the abundant divine gifts of nature, especially the ocean. She is a writer and singer, and enjoys composing poetic prose and singing about nature.

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I love relaxing with Elvy’s books – the inspirational thoughts she shares & beautiful photography are calming and uplifting – a mini retreat from a too busy, troubled world! A go-to in quiet moments! Peaceful & restful! Hope there are more to come! – Sheri