Nature’s Pages presents Butterfly, the first in my series of nature exploration and appreciation picture books for children.


Follow the Life… of a Butterfly!

Do you enjoy spending time in nature watching butterflies?

Introduce your child to the natural world to find beautiful, realistic digital illustrations of these delicate animated flowers in the Butterfly book.

Follow the blue morpho from egg to butterfly. Watch it and other lovely butterflies as they meander through nature – to the delight and wonder of the young multicultural children they encounter.

Research supports the use of picture books to facilitate thinking skills, oral language development, and early literacy connections in children. Help your child get excited about reading, and identifying the Blue Wave, Summer Azure, Zebra Longwing, Lacewing, Painted Lady, Monarch, Emerald Swallow Tail, Orange-Barred Sulphur, Indian Leaf, and Piano Key.

Inside this book your child:

• Participates in a fun learning nature

   adventure about butterflies, in rhyme

• Learns to identify 11 beautiful

   butterflies by name

• Develops descriptive vocabulary in a

   poetic format

• Increases observational skills through

   two interactive butterfly picture find


• Engages with Parent and/or educator,

   which encourages bonding as they

   share the nature adventure together

• Increases listening skills by playing

   with language in a rhythmical way

• Increases the imagination and

   thinking skills

• Gets excited about reading

Part of The Womb And Beyond: Nature Exploration and Appreciation Picture Books series.

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Buy Now from Amazon

As I was reading I also enjoyed the life-like pictures. My favorite is the one with all the children and butterflies together. I also enjoyed seeing how happy the children were as they enjoyed nature. Although this is a quick book to read the reader should also make use of the butterfly activity page at the end of the book, there is also a note to parents. I would recommend this book to all parents with very young children. – M. Fitzgerald

I was delightfully surprised by this lovely book. The poetry and beautiful artwork were superb! As I turned the pages, it seemed as if each butterfly was ready to “fly” off the page. With children from many different nationalities so meticulously illustrated, along with the detailed butterflies, this was something that I had not anticipated, but gloriously embraced. The poetry was an added bonus! – Dorothy J. Rogers

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