I’m Elvy, and I share Inspiration for Life from the Natural World,
through Sacred Writings, Poetry, Art, and Music.

As I observe Nature’s Pages, each season speaks to me of its grandeur in the Created World of wildlife, colors, scents, and sounds.

To me, Nature is living poetry, inspiring music, and a visual smorgasboard.
Nature, as expressed in its many forms, like a falling snowflake, a budding flower, a lofty tree, or a butterfly as it flutters on the wind, always sparks wonder.

I enjoy nature photography, and see it as a way to capture nature’s moments in time. This can be seen through various nature spaces in my photography that includes landscapes of the rhythmic ocean, beckoning woods, and luscious gardens.

Getting out in nature is a significant way to help relieve the stress of life’s challenges. If you can’t get outside, nature photography is a great way to bring the outside into your indoor space.

Nature truly inspires my creativity, and my dreams for the future world to come.
I invite you to join me on this journey of nature exploration and enjoyment.

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