Most young children thoroughly enjoy exploring the natural world.

Generally speaking, Nature is freely available to children wherever they are in the world. Nature’s Pages are open for each child to experience simply by looking out the window or by stepping outside, if it’s safe to do so.

Nature observation in its basic form requires no purchase, just a willingness to learn about its treasures through the senses.

Preschoolers feel right at home digging in the dirt, collecting rocks, picking up sticks, watching animal behavior, listening to the wind, and more…

Their curiosity is unlimited, and each season affords a wealth of fresh new observations from which to learn.

When given the opportunity to explore outdoors, the preschool child’s appreciation, understanding, and connection with nature and its Creator are expanded.

Their experiences can be extended through related conversation, activities, songs, and quality picture books on various nature themes.

I’ve created a free tips sheet that you can download about how to use my Butterfly picture book to help support Preschool children’s thinking, oral language, and early literacy skills.

Feel free to share these tips with other parents and educators of Preschool children.

Please share your experiences on how you used the tips. 

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P.S. Nature’s Pages are ever fresh and unfolding from the Creator. Let nature inspire your creativity.

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