I’ve been observing some of the critters in my yard. I’ve seen red, grey, and black squirrels scamper through. I’ve noticed a grey squirrel littering my yard with pine cones.

Watching squirrel behavior can be delightful, interesting, and annoying simultaneously!

Since I’m new to the area where I presently live, I was unfamiliar with many squirrel antics. When I first heard something hitting the roof, I investigated and discovered the culprit. I have several pine trees in my front and back yards.

The grey squirrel and I have been battling about the pine cones everywhere at his preference!


He picks them from the trees and drop them on the roof, just over my bedroom early in the morning or early evening. The pine cones often bounce off of the roof onto my back porch, or are thrown off the roof to the ground right near the sliding glass door of my bedroom.


Never mind that I sweep the pine cones off the back porch, he complains loudly, then proceeds to defy me, and continues to re-decorate the porch with more pine cones.

I proceeded to pick up the pine cones from the yard to make it easier for the mower to cut the grass.


I picked up several bucketfuls of pine cones and dumped them in a pile in remote areas of the yard that were surrounded by lots of over-growth.


Once when sitting on my back porch, he decided to have a snack right above me on one of the pine tree limbs. As he ate, pieces of the pine cone dropped on me. I decided to move to a different place in the yard out of his range. With a smorgasbord of pine cones spread over a seemingly endless table, he can afford to be picky.

Selecting from a vast array of choices, at the same time leaving behind partially eaten pine cones strewn from pillar to post. While the job of picking up & relocating so many pine cones was tedious, I felt rewarded with the refreshing smell of pine scent.

If your child enjoys observing and  learning about squirrels, a stuffed squirrel toyand a picture book of Squirrel Facts could be useful additions to his animal and book collections.

While you’re at it, pick up a Squirrel Coloring Book for Adults to join in the fun nature activity. These can all be part of your home nature library collection.

Bring the luscious pine scent into your home with an Essential Oil Diffuser.

And, if your family is among the group who really enjoy squirrels, a Squirrel Wall Calendar  would be great.

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