Winter Background

Winter Background

Hello Nature Lovers,

Here’s a winter poem I adapted from Margaret Sangster that I thought you might enjoy.

The Snowflakes

It was a little snowflake,

with tiny winglets curled,

the warm cloud held it

above the sleeping world;

All night the wild wind blustered,

and blew o’er land and sea;

that little snowflake cuddled close,

as safe as safe could be.

Then in the cold, gray morning

the cloud pushed the little snowflake out

and through the air it went sailing

to find a place to light;

and weave a coverlet,

to clothe the world in white.

The little snowflake fluttered,

but fifty million other flakes

came softly floating by;

The cloud sent them

to keep plant babies warm,

through many a winter sunset,

through many a night of storm.

Remember, nature’s pages are ever ever fresh and unfolding from the Creator.

Share an inspirational winter moment you’ve experienced in the comment box below.

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