Hello Nature Enthusiasts,

I have some questions for you to ponder today.

Do you often feel like a horse with a different stride?

A bird of a different feather?


An instrument that gives a different note in your world?

Look for what’s unique in your nature ramblings.

Here’s what I found wandering around my parent’s yard…

Bright and bold hibiscus flowers that reminded me of my three precious adult children.

Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Here’s a rose bush that my brother rescued from the trash pile. Look at what a little tender loving care can do for something discarded. Beautiful pale lilac blooms now grace this plant.

Lilac Rose Bush

Lilac Rose Bush

The most unique and surprising discovery is the delicious smell produced by the yellow blossoms of this pigeon peas (gandules) tree, especially at night. What an unexpected surprise!

Fragrant Pigeon Peas (Gandules) Tree

Fragrant Pigeon Peas (Gandules) Tree

Bloom wherever you’re planted.

Share the unique finds in your nature wanderings.

Until next time, remember, Nature is ever fresh and unfolding.

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