My flight was delayed due to inclement weather at Chicago O’Hare Airport…snow and more snow!

I marveled at the beauty of this winter wonderland…

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Lovely to observe and play in, nerve-wrecking to drive or ride in, unless you enjoy snowmobiling!

I looked forward to my return trip to warmer, calmer weather.

I dreamed of basking in the sun on the beach.

My fellow passengers and I sat on the plane for two hours after being allowed to board. After de-icing, the plane finally took off.

Above the clouds was another world. Nothing reminiscent of the chaos below, looking out the window on my left, clear skies greeted my eyes, and I discerned twinkling stars awaiting the dark. To my right, traces of blue remained, as the evening sunset cascaded the sky.

Back to reality… Because we were delayed so long, I missed my connecting flight. Several of us waited in the long line at customer service to re-book another flight to our various destinations.

I finally landed in Florida about 2:30 a.m. Monday morning (1/6/2014), six and a half hours past my scheduled arrival, and made it home about 3:45 a.m., exhausted, but thrilled to be back.

Despite the inconvenience and uncertainty however, it was great to visit with family and friends. What a privilege and a blessing! I’m also thankful for a safe journey back home!

Share some of your travel experiences this past holiday season.

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