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I haven’t posted any comments for a few weeks because I’ve been dealing with a family crisis. But through it all, I’ve found much to be thankful for.

Whatever the challenges you face in the tapestry of your life, look for the threads of positive events to be thankful for. Often these are the small gems that get overlooked until they’re gone.

Here are some small nature gems to be thankful for, no matter what season you’re in.

Winter Wonderland - Natures Pages

~a fresh snowfall, bird songs, fragrant flowers, the music of the ocean, a clear moonlit starry night


~warm sunshine, a rainbow splashed across the sky, a gentle rain shower, trees swaying in the breeze, an inviting trail through the woods


~puffy floating clouds drifting across the blue sky, a picnic in the backyard or at your favorite park, a vegetable garden, fresh fruit plucked right from the tree, colorful fall leaves

Butterfly on Meadow Flower - Natures Pages

~a beautiful butterfly, a majestic mountain, a peaceful horseback ride, breathing in the fresh early morning air

Friends enjoying nature

~time spent with family and friends outdoors, time spent outdoors thinking about the grandeur of nature, and time spent outdoors with the Creator, who made it all possible

What are some of your favorite nature objects and events that you’re thankful for?

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